Hi there! My name’s Mohammad Lafi but you can call me Lafi for short. I was born in the 80s in a small city in Kuwait and moved when I was three to Amman, Jordan where I almost lived all of my life.

I started experimenting at a young age with computers and I fell in love with technology ever since, in the 90s, I was mostly playing arcade and video games, listening to every music album I could get my hands on (Mostly classic rock and heavy metal), and discovering this new thing called the internet on a 56 kb/s modem. Spending pretty much all day, everyday browsing the internet, discovering new websites and trying to build some.

During university years, I was juggling my different passions, my major in civil engineering, and a career I had started in the music business doing event management and music record productions for local indie artists. Back then in 2005-2006, I realized the need for artists to promote and market their music inexpensively, which led me to a career in digital marketing, that’s been going on till this day.

Those days, I spend most of my time helping clients realize the best marketing strategy for their businesses, and often, implementing it. I am mostly focused on search engine optimization and marketing (SEO, SEM), inbound marketing and lead generation, content marketing and development, digital advertising and performance marketing.

My spare time is spent traveling, answering Quora questions over coffee, writing on my blog here or on guest blogs, building digital communities here and there, and collaborating on/starting the occasional side project.

Have I mentioned how much I love hearing from you guys? Drop me a line or connect with me through social media.