But, look how Google does it!

Today, I was in a meeting with a big shot employee from a big shot company, this, while interesting, is not the topic of discussion here. I asked for his feedback on a couple of products and his opinion was guided by what’s trendy nowadays, no surprise here either, and again, this isn’t the topic of discussion, to justify his opinion, he referenced successful products and companies and pointed out that “this is how they do it”, and while my partner was sharp and witty enough to turn this against him and reference other successful products who did it “our way”, I was formulating a completely different answer that I knew would never get to my vocal cords, and it went something like..

Success, revenue, and business accomplishments are not measures of innovation, beauty, or usability. Stop worshipping successful products and companies and forcing public opinion to do so as well. I’m just gonna come out and say it, Instagram sucks with feature limitations specially when it comes to editing posts and reposting, Linkedin and Amazon are two of the ugliest websites on the web today, Wikipedia’s backend is a disaster and don’t get me started on it’s community of editors, Google+ suck when it comes to anything social, Apple’s battle against a lot of open technologies is annoying, +Twitter can’t handle multimedia and advertising, and will, is dying anyways, Facebook can’t handle privacy, Evernote is too complicated for the entry level user, YouTube’s ads makes you want to drive a fork through your eye, Google Chrome is a heavy memory eater, and Path, well, ok, maybe path is the only one out there that is perfect to my standards, but that’s a story for another time.

This post first appeared on an earlier blog of mine

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